Lyme Ticks in Winter

Remember lyme ticks do not go away in the winter. Continue to be vigilant for your family and apply prophylactic tick control to your pets all year long.

Dental Health

February is Dental Health Month. Brushing (by you, of course) and/or antiseptic in your pet’s water can help. Your veterinarian may need to clean teeth under anesthesia first.

Late Winter Dangers

Take care with your pets around lakes, ponds and streams. The ice may look solid, but freezing and thawing cycles can make it treacherous. Also, at this time of year porcupines are out with their babies.

National Pet Week:

May 6–12

Pet Insurance

Several companies offer reasonable and affordable pet insurance. As veterinary medicine becomes more sophisticated, pet insurance can be a good investment.

Signs of Aging

Older animals are now being diagnosed with Alzheimer and/or dementia. If your senior pet is experiencing behavior changes call your veterinarian.

Heartworm Disease in Cats

Heartworm disease in cats is a serious problem that is being diagnosed more frequently. Symptoms include cough, respiratory difficulties, vomiting and/or sudden death. All cats should be on heartworm prevention medication. Check with your veterinarian to be sure your cat is protected.

Hunting Season Alert

Now that it's hunting season, you and your pets should wear your brights and bells to let the hunters know you are in the area when walking it the woods. Also be aware of ground hornet nests which are active this time of year.

Find your lost pet with a microchip.

Home Again Microchip reports that over 10 million lost pets are never reunited with their owners. Microchipping your pet is one way to prevent that from happening. There are several different types of microchips to choose from. Shelters, labs and animal hospitals now have scanners that can read all types of chips. Think about microchipping your pet to help it return home.

Ticks are active all winter long!

Do not become complacent about ticks just because cold weather has arrived. Ticks are not deterred by low temperatures. Tick control products should be used as directed all year long — even in the dead of winter.

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